7. Overlapping Records Report

When attempting to close payroll, you may occasionally see an error message indicating that there are overlapping records for one or more employees

The payroll period report could not be generated because of overlapping timestamps for: [employee name]

This problem happens when there are 2 time records for the same date and time, or if there are two partially overlapping time records. While rare, this issue can occur if a user clocks in and then uses the manual time entry form for the same period before clocking out. The Overlapping Records report can help you quickly identify the individual time records so that you can quickly fix the user’s timesheet and then close payroll:

  1. Click Reports in the left menu.
  2. Click report number 7, Overlapping Records.
  3. Set the date range for the report. (This should be the same as that of the payroll period.)
  4. Click View Report.

Two or more records with overlaps will be displayed along with the specific dates and times of the overlap. Once you know which employee and what dates are affected, you can visit their timesheet to correct the problem.

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