Understanding the Partner Dashboard

The Dashboard is your home page in your ProPartner account. It contains detailed information about the statuses of the businesses that you have referred to Timesheets.com. To view the dashboard, log into your ProPartner account.

Once on the dashboard, click on the appropriate tab to view information about each of your referrals. The available tabs are detailed below:

  • The Active tab displays a list of all clients that are currently paying Timesheets.com customers.
  • The In Trial tab displays a list of clients that have been referred and are currently in their trial period.
  • The Free tab displays a list of clients who have converted their accounts to free, single-user Timesheets.com accounts.
  • The Cancelled tab displays a list of cancelled customers.
  • The Expired tab displays a list of accounts that expired after their free trial period.
  • The Pending tab displays a list of referred accounts that have not yet begun their free trial.
  • The Commissions tab displays detailed information about your commission payments.

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