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1. Enable user signatures on Hourly and Project timesheets?

Enabling this feature allows employees to electronically “sign” their timesheets in order to verify their accuracy. Signed records are marked with a signature icon to the left of the date on the user’s timesheet. The date and time at which each record was signed can be viewed by clicking the plus sign to the left of the entry and clicking the Audit Trail for Record link.

Once the feature is enabled, users may sign their timesheets by doing the following:

  1. Click on My Timesheet in the left menu.
  2. Check the boxes to the left of the records you wish to sign.
  3. Click the Sign Selected Records button at the bottom of the page.

Note: If a previously signed record is modified by a supervisor, the pen icon will be removed and the user will need to re-sign the time record.

2. Allow user to create their own projects?

Enabling this setting will allow the user to create projects in the Project List subject to security restrictions. They will not have the ability to give any other users access to the projects that they create, and they will be able to link their new projects only to customers which have already been assigned to them. 

 3. Allow user to create their own vendors?

This setting will give the user the option to create new vendors directly from the expense entry form. Once enabled, the user will see a New Vendor check box option displayed next to the vendor dropdown item on their expense entry form. Clicking the checkbox when entering an expense allows the employee to type in the name of a new vendor.

4. Limit daily hours allowed to be entered by the time entry form?

You may use this feature to set a limit on the total number of hours a user enters onto their hourly or project timesheet for a given day. It is important to note that this limit only applies to time entered manually using the time entry form. There is no limit to how much time can be logged using the Clock In/Out buttons and project timers.

Disabling Time Entry on a Per User Basis

Setting 4 can also be used to restrict the user to clocking in and out in real time, or to using project timers rather than entering time using the time entry form. To restrict access to manual time entry, set the Hourly Time or Project Time fields to “Yes” and limit time entry to 0 hours. This allows other users to use manual time entry while effectively restricting this user to real-time entry options since anything over 0 hours would be rejected. Note also that this setting does not apply to time off requests.

5. Allow user to modify billable status of project records?

This setting controls whether the user has access the Billable toggle option on the project time entry form. If this option is set to “no,” then the billable status of all records created by the user will be automatically be set to the company default (which can be adjusted in Setting 1 on the Project tab of the Company Settings page).

6. Allow user to view their team’s work status?

This setting controls whether the user has access to view the in/out status of their teammates. The default for this setting is No. If you’d employees to be able to view when their teammates are punched in, select Yes. When enabled, user will see a table titled My Team’s Status displayed above their timesheet. Users will be able to see which teammates are clocked into work in that table.

Notes: Setting 6 must be used in conjunction with individual user schedule settings. In order for a user to view the in/out status of a teammate, the teammate’s schedule page settings must be set to allow others to view their schedule. These settings are designed to give you flexibility over who can see the real-time in/out status of a user. See User Options, Schedules page for more information.

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