User Details Page

This page of the user setting contains optional fields for additional employee information, including their location, phone number, and important dates. There are a few important notes regarding settings in this section:

  • Setting 1. Employee ID or Number: The value that is entered here is very important if you are integrating your account with QuickBooks and certain payroll export files.
  • Settings 2-4. These three fields (along with Job Title on the Profile tab) can be used to filter payroll reports to a specific group of users.  
  • Setting 9. Hourly Rate for Payroll: The rate that is entered here is a fixed rate and will be used to automatically calculate gross pay for the user on payroll reports. If the user earns a different rate depending on the type of work they do, it is recommended to leave this field blank and use variable cost rates with account codes instead (see our “Override Rates and Defaults” article for detailed information). 
  • Setting 10. Salary Rate Per Payroll Period: This is used for salaried employees and will appear on payroll reports as their gross pay for the payroll period regardless of the number of hours worked.

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