Paid Breaks

The setting to enable paid breaks is located on the Hourly tab in Company Settings. There, the break duration can be set—the most common paid break length in the United States is 10 minutes. When paid breaks are enabled, a Break button will display below the clock out button when a user is clocked in.

Users will click the break button to initiate their break. The time the break is started is logged on their timesheet, and the employee receives a notification of the time at which their break will end (e.g., “You are now on your 10 minute break. Your shift will resume automatically at 02:46 PM.”). They do not need to clock back in at the end of their break.

Paid breaks are displayed on the timesheet in the Break column and appear on the Customizable Timesheet Report which shows raw, unprocessed timesheet data. Paid breaks are otherwise indistinguishable from normal work time and do not appear on standard payroll reports.

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