Archiving Hourly Time

For companies that don’t need to close formal payroll reports, archiving time is a quick and easy way to keep accounts tidy from the accumulation of old data. We recommend archiving old timesheet data monthly if you don’t close payroll reports. Archiving hourly time makes dashboard totals reflect their current period values and keeps employee timesheets from displaying old information to users.

What Does Archiving Do?

Once archived, time records are locked from editing and moved off the timesheets to the Archive tab. If necessary, records can be un-archived (unlocked) for editing, but they should be re-archived after editing to prevent other unexpected edits from other users in the account. Archived time records can still be included in reports.

Archiving is best suited for when you have users who do not get paid for time worked, such as volunteers or students, or for users who track time only for accountability, such as salaried employees. To use the feature:

  1. Click Process Records in the left menu, then Archive Hourly Time.
  2. Set the date range for the time you wish to view.
  3. Set any other desired parameters for the process, and click the Archive button to view a preliminary report of time you are about to archive.
  4. Verify the records you wish to archive. You may deselect any records that you wish to exclude from the group by using the checkboxes in the left column. Deselect records you do not wish to archive.
  5. Click the Archive Selected button at the top of the page to finalize the process.

Note: You may also unarchive or delete time records using the corresponding buttons at the bottom of the Archive Hourly Time page.

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