Approving Hourly Time for Payroll

Hourly Timesheets may be approved using the Approve Hourly Time process accessible in the left menu. Managers with appropriate permissions can use the process to mark specific records, or all records, approved. Approved timestamp records are displayed on timesheets and in reports with a checkmark icon. Also, if all records contained in a payroll report have been marked approved, the payroll report will indicate the employee’s timesheet was approved by a manager with a YES in the approval column. Otherwise, a red NO will display.

It is not necessary for time to be approved before closing payroll, and we recommend skipping the approval process altogether if the person closing the payroll period is the same person who would complete the approval process.

To approve hourly time:

  1. Click Process Records in the left menu, then Approve Hourly Time.
  2. Set the date range for the time you wish to approve.
  3. Set any other desired filters including specific employees, account codes, or record statuses.
  4. Click the Approve button to view a preliminary report of time you’re about to mark approved.
  5. Verify the group of records you wish to approve is accurate. You may deselect any records that you wish to exclude from the group by using the checkboxes in the left column. Alternatively, you can go back to the previous page to modify the filters.
  6. Click the Approve Selected button at the top of the page to complete the approval process.


  • Approval for time records can be removed by repeating the above process and selecting the Unapprove button on the Approve Hourly Time page.
  • If an approved time record is edited by an employee request, it will need to be re-approved by a manager.
  • Approving time for payroll can also be completed using the Preview Current Period Report accessed from the Reports page or by editing individual work records on the employee timesheets.

Supervisor Approval Settings

To give supervisors permission to approve hourly time:

  1. On the Dashboard, click the gear wheel gear icon next to the supervisor’s name.
  2. Navigate to the Management tab.
  3. Locate the supervisor’s hourly time approval permission setting and set it to “Approve Only”.

It is possible to have supervisors send a notification once hourly time is approved. When a supervisor approves hourly time, on the next screen there will be a button to Notify My Supervisor I have Approved Time. Clicking that button will send an email to the person that supervisor is set to report to in Timesheets, letting them know hourly time has been approved.

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