Comp Time Converter

This form allows you to convert overtime and/or double time into accrued or compensatory (comp) time. Comp time is stored using one of the three available accrual balances. This allows you the flexibility to add compensatory time to an existing accrual balance like Vacation, or rename an existing accrual category to to Comp. Note: Only accruable time off categories can be used for conversion into comp time.

To use this form:

  1. Click Tools in the left menu and navigate to the Comp Time Converter form.
  2. Select the payroll period that contains the overtime you wish to convert in the Select Payroll Period drop-down menu
  3. Select the Multiplier (usually 1.5) and click View. This converts overtime into comp time and can be adjustable based on the multiplier. For example, a multiplier of 1.5 would change 1 hour of overtime into 1.5 hours of comp time.
  4. Click the plus sign button to apply available overtime to an accrual balance. The accrual and Total Applied balances will display updated values that show that overtime has been applied. To remove applied overtime, click the minus sign button.
  5. Make all desired changes, and click the Save button.


  • Issuing compensatory time in lieu of overtime to non-exempt (hourly) employees violates wage and hour laws for most private businesses in the US. Please seek professional guidance if you have questions about using this feature.
  • The Total Available column shows the total number of overtime or double time hours available for conversion. The Total Applied column updates in real time and displays the current total of hours that will be applied to comp time. If the Total Applied exceeds the Total Available, the form will display in red to alert you to the potential error.

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