Billable/Unbillable Project Time Converter

This tool allows managers to simultaneously change the status for a group of records to billable or unbillable. This tool also allows you to change the bill rate back to default. To use the converter:

  1. Click Tools in the left menu, and then click the Billable/Unbillable Project Time Converter.
  2. Set the date range for the records you wish to convert, and set any additional parameters to filter down to the select group you’d like to change.
  3. At the bottom of the page, click the Mark as Billable or Mark as Unbillable button to review the records before finalizing the changes.
  4. On the following page, review the records to ensure that all of those displayed are to be included in the conversion. Un-check the box next to any records that are to be excluded.
  5. Click the Mark Selected Records as Billable or Mark Selected Records as Unbillable button at the top of the page to finalize the conversion.

Updating Bill Rates for Existing Records

It is possible to set the timesheet records to any new bill rate using the converter. This can be useful for changing a large number of records to different bill rates simultaneously.

Use Case 1 – Set Selected Records to Default Rate

Use the directions above to create a listing of the records you wish to update. Before saving your changes in the last step, check the box above the Mark Selected Records… button to reset the bill rate to its default value. All records will be updated to the default rate or override rate.

Use Case 2 – Set Selected Records to Any New Rate

Temporarily set the default (or override rates) of the projects you wish to update to any new value and then follow the instructions above. Records will be updated to the new values. After the conversion, you can change the default rates back to original values.

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