Auditing Individual Hourly Records

Every hourly time entry has an audit history that can be viewed on the user’s timesheet.

To examine a record:

  1. From the Dashboard, navigate to a user’s hourly timesheet by clicking on their hours in the Hourly Timesheets column.
  2. Click the expand button to the left of any entry to display audit information.

On the menu that appears, you will find the following details (depending on the features you have enabled):

  • Origination: The time entry method at the time of clock-out. Possible values include:
    • Clock (real-time clock punch at the time of clock-out)
    • Time Entry (manual entry using the time entry form)
    • Mobile Clock (real-time clock punch from the mobile version of the website at the time of clock out)
  • Notes: Any work notes associated with the record.
  • IP Address: The IP addresses for each entry.
  • Geolocation: Location information for each clock punch (in and out). Each location coordinate comes with an accuracy in meters; the lower the number, the better the accuracy. Click the Clock In/Out Map link to view a map displaying a green (in) and red (out) pin for each clock punch.
  • Audit Trail for Record: Clicking this link will show all prior iterations of an entry (i.e. the audit trail). The original record is at the bottom of the audit trail. The ID column to the left will show this record’s ID as 1. Any time a change is made to the record a new row is created and the ID incremented to 2, 3, etc. In order to identify exactly what changed from one iteration of a record to the next, look for the yellow highlighted cells in each row of the table. Any and all changes between iterations of a timestamp are highlighted in yellow.
    • Show Employee Requests: This link will be visible for any time record where the user requested a change to their record after punching the clock in or out. Clicking this link will display the request in the audit trail.
  • Show Photos: If Photo Timestamp is used, the photos for each clock punch (in and out) are available for review by clicking the Photos link.

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