Login Issues

Users may at times experience difficulties logging into—or staying logged into—their accounts. Please review the solutions below, and if problems persist, feel free to contact us for assistance. 

Automatic Logout

Try adjusting your automatic logout time limit. If your account remains idle beyond the selected logout time limit, you will be automatically logged out as a security precaution. The default is set for most users to 20 minutes. To adjust the time limit:

  1. Click the user icon in the upper right, then click My Account.
  2. Click My Account Settings.
  3. Under Session Duration, you can change the Automatic Logout duration using the drop-down menu.

Some users with multiple internet connections are logged out unexpectedly as soon as they log into their account. If you have more than one internet connection, please contact us for help.

Multiple Timesheets.com Windows/Tabs

It is best to only have Timesheets.com open in one tab at a time. Logging into the system in a new tab or window while an existing tab is open will cause the previous one to time out, and you will be automatically logged out. It’s also possible, if you manage multiple accounts, to accidentally modify the wrong account, so it’s always best to practice logging into a single account at a time from a single tab.

Locked Out After Too Many Login Attempts

Users who attempt to log in with the wrong credentials too many times can be locked out of their accounts. The lock is temporary and disappears after 30 minutes. You may also call support during business hours to have a lock removed.

Firewall Settings

Try adjusting your local anti-spyware or firewall settings. Certain programs such as ZoneAlarm® may be sensitive to the advanced features used by our website. Most firewall or anti-spyware software has settings to allow specific websites to run normally. Try the following:

  • Add this website to your firewall’s list of trusted sites.
  • Make sure that your firewall application’s protection level isn’t set too high. (If you’re in “stealth” mode, our website may experience difficulties.)

It may be necessary for you to temporarily disable your firewall software to diagnose login issues. If so, please make sure to keep your virus protection enabled, and don’t browse any other websites while your firewall software is disabled.


It is important to ensure that your browser is accepting cookies. Without cookies, you won’t be able to log into your account. Cookies are generally allowed by default in most browsers. If you are having issues, however, the settings for cookies can be found in the Privacy and Security section of your browser’s settings page.

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