Signing Your Timesheet

If you are asked to electronically sign your timesheet:

  1. Log into your account, and click to the appropriate Hourly or Project timesheet. (Note: If you have both hourly and project timesheets enabled, you may switch between them using the Hourly Time and Project Time buttons beneath your name at the top of the page.)
  2. Check the boxes in the left hand column next to the records you wish to sign. (Check the box in the column header to select all records on the page.)
  3. Click the Sign Selected Records button below.
  4. In the confirmation dialog box that appears, click the Okay button.

A pen icon will now appear next to the signed records. You may now choose to notify your supervisor that your timesheet has been signed by clicking the Notify My Supervisor My Timesheet is Ready button, which will send them an email notification.

There are a few important notes regarding electronic signatures:

  • Records that are pending approval—indicated by a caution icon—cannot be signed until they are approved or denied.
  • If a previously signed record is edited by a supervisor, it will need to be re-signed after the edit.
  • If you do not see check boxes next to the records on your timesheet, or the Sign Selected Records button at the bottom of the page, then the electronic signatures feature is not enabled for your account.

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