Overtime Settings Page

1. What type of overtime does the user accumulate?

Use this setting to change the user’s individual overtime calculations. Available options include:

  • None: This user will not accrue any overtime, regardless of hours worked.
  • Weekly Overtime: You may choose any whole number. This value is preset to 40 hours per week.
  • Daily Overtime: You may choose whole numbers for hours per day and per week before overtime accrues. Default values coincide with California overtime rules. Double time can be be set to 0 hours when no double time is desired.

Note: Overtime is only accrued and paid for using standard hourly time. Time marked as salaried time and all time off categories are ignored in overtime calculations.

2. When does this user’s work week start? (24 hour work day and 7-day work week delineator.)

This setting is where the start day and start time of the work week is set for the user. In order to properly calculate overtime, each work day must have a specific start and end time (usually midnight to 11:59PM), and each work week must also have a start day and an end day (usually Sunday through Saturday).

If you have certain staff members who work overnight shifts, you may want to consider changing their start time to noon (12PM). All regular employees who work during daylight hours should have their start time set to 12AM.

For a detailed explanation of how this setting affects payroll calculations, refer to this article.

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