Basic Page

The Basic settings page is where primary information about the user is stored including their name, email address, job title and employee classification details. This page is also where you select a user’s supervisor for and access level.

Access Levels

  • Employee level users have the least amount of permissions.
  • Supervisor level users have configurable permissions found under the Management Tab in a supervisor user’s settings. Supervisors can be granted access to view and edit timesheets, employee settings, HR documents, list items, and financial data like bill and cost rates. They can also be granted access to the approval system. With no permissions granted, supervisors are very much like employees level users. With all permissions granted, then supervisors are very much like administrator level users. Supervisor time off requests will always be sent for approval to their upstream supervisor or administrator for approval, even with all permissions granted. See the Management Tab for more information about available permissions.
  • Administrators have full access to the account. There is a difference between the Primary Administrator and secondary administrators. There can only be a single Primary Administrator in each account who is responsible for agreeing to the Terms of Use and paying for the account. The Primary Administrator in the only user who can activate, upgrade, downgrade, or cancel an account.

The Disable Login Button

The purpose of the Disable Login button is to disable an account from being used by the account holder. Disabled accounts appear on the Dashboard with a lock icon next to their user’s name. This feature is useful, for instance, to prevent account access to a user after they have left the company but before their final payroll has been processed which is, in turn, required before archiving the user. User accounts can therefore be disabled without being archived. A disabled account is still considered a paid license while archived accounts are not.

If a closed payroll period is re-opened, archived users who are included in the payroll report will be reactivated but with login disabled. Their time will be restored to their timesheet where it may be edited. Automatically disabling the login prevents account access by former users who are unarchived when a closed payroll report is re-opened. Once the payroll period is re-closed and the time is archived from their timesheet, you will be need to re-archive the user’s account.

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