Introduction to Time Off has a flexible accrual system and is capable of tracking both time off and time off accruals as workers accumulate “bank” or “leave” balances. This article will direct the reader to the various support pages that address the following functions:

  • How to create accrual categories
  • How to configure accrual settings for individual users
  • How users request time off
  • How to enter time off for everyone at once (i.e., national holidays)

Setting Up Time Off Categories

Time off setup begins with establishing the company-wide time classifications that will be used for tracking time off. This step is best completed within the Setup Wizard during initial account setup, but it can be completed at any time by navigating to the Hourly tab on the Company Settings page. Please refer to Section 3 of this article for more information on this step.

Setting Up Accruals for Individual Workers

Accrual settings for accruable time off categories must be configured for each individual user. This can be accomplished via the Options tab, Time Off & Accruals page on each user’s Settings (refer to this article for full instructions). Accrual settings can also be updated for all users using the Import/Export Accrual Balances tool (refer to this article for full instructions).

Entering Time Off allows workers to create time off requests or managers to enter time off for their workers. Follow these two links for specific instructions.

Entering Paid Holidays

Paid holidays can be entered for multiple users (or all users) simultaneously. Use the Global Time Entry tool to accomplish this. (Please see this article for more details.)

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