Entering Time Off

Entering A Single Time Off Record For an Employee

On the dashboard, navigate to a user’s hourly timesheet by clicking their hours in the Hourly Timesheets column.

  1. Click the Time Entry tab.
  2. Select the desired Time Classification for the time off options.
  3. Set the date and the length of hours of the time off request.
  4. Enter any additional information for the record—including account code selection and notes—and lastly, click the Save button.

Note: You will notice that after a new time off record is saved, the form settings remain the same except for the date which automatically advances to the next work day. This makes entering subsequent time off records quick and easy. In most cases, the only action required for sequential time off records is to click Save button again until all the individual days are recorded.

Bulk Entering Time Off for Multiple Users

Please refer to our Global Time Entry article for more information regarding the use of this feature.

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