Introduction to the Expense Sheet

The expense sheet is accessed from the dashboard by clicking on a user’s total expenses under the Mileage & Expenses column. The default view is mostly the same for all users but will display certain information only to managers, depending on assigned permissions. Administrators see all features, while supervisors might not see certain features—such as HR Docs or Settings.

Account Summary Information

Basic information for the user is displayed at the top of the timesheet, including:

  • Their name, file photo, and basic information.
  • Their user login ID.
  • The Event Log, which contains a list of certain actions performed by managers.
  • The Profile History, which contains an audit trail of the user’s settings and accrual information. Changes to the values are highlighted in yellow.
  • You may also see the Send A Memo link, which can be used to send a private message to the user that they will see the next time they log in.


The Balances table shows the total value of open expenses and mileage for the user.

Open Expenses

The Open Expenses tab displays all expense data for the user and, depending on how much data exists, may be several pages long. Expenses can be reconciled by checking the boxes in the far-right column and then clicking Reconcile Selected button in the bottom right corner. Clicking the expand button to the left of each record exposes audit trail information, including:

  • Work notes associated with the record
  • An audit trail with a history of changes to the time record
  • An image of the receipt if one was uploaded with the record

Additional Tabs

There are two tabs in addition to the Open Expenses tab:

  • The Expense Entry tab is used for entering records onto the expense sheet.
  • The Reconciled Expenses tab contains all records that ever existed for the user. This includes expense records that have been reconciled and those that have been deleted. (Records are color-coded according to the Legend at the bottom of the page.) Note that deleted expenses do not appear in reports but will continue to be visible on the Reconciled tab.

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