Using List Boxes on Forms

The default display option for all list items in all the various forms on is by checkbox. If you have a large list, however, you may wish to try using list boxes instead. List boxes can be enabled via the Display Options menu accessible by clicking the User Icon in the top right of your screen.

Once list boxes are selected, the checkboxes on forms will be replaced with a selectable list of items as seen in this example:

Selecting Items

More than 1 item in the list box can be selected by mouse click or by dragging with your mouse. List boxes are also searchable. You may include specific list items in your dataset by moving them into the Selected Items box on the right using the green arrow button.

When no Available Items are selected, the green button will display 2 arrows and move all items when clicked. When one or more items are selected in the list box, the button will change to show only a single arrow indicating only selected items will be moved when pressed.

Sorting Items in Alphabetical Order

At the end of the search boxes, there is a sort icon that can be used to sort the items you’re viewing at the moment, A-Z or Z-A:

Using the Multi-Search Box

The search box located at the top of the list selector is capable of searching for multiple items in a single search using a plus sign + between search terms. For example if there are two projects that include the letters HMC and two additional projects that include the letters BLE, a search for the term “HMC” would yield this result in the list below:

HMC 192
HMC 456

To search for all projects that have either HMC or BLE in the project name, a search for “HMC+BLE” would result in the following four results being displayed in the list:

HMC 192
HMC 456
BLE 421
BLE 245

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