Time Entry Cutoff

To access  Time Entry Cutoff settings:

  1. Click the gear wheel icon in the upper-right to view Company Settings.
  2. Navigate to the Security tab.
  3. Click on the link to  Time Entry Cutoff. 

The Time Entry Cutoff feature can be used to set cut-off dates and timestamps for time and expense entries. If a cut-off date is set, users will be prohibited from using the time entry form to enter records prior to the selected cut-off. You can also restrict the ability to enter records for future dates. Enable both features to comply with US government DCAA accounting standards.

The available settings on this page will vary depending on the enabled features. Time entry cutoff settings for each feature—hourly time, project time, and expenses—will be displayed in separate sections. To use this form:

  1. Set the cutoff date in the Prohibit Entry of Past [Hourly Time/Project Time/Expense Entries] field. (For hourly time, set the time of day as well.)
  2. Click the Enable Cutoff button to enable the cutoff.
  3. Set Prohibit Entry of Future [Hourly Time/Project Time/Expense Entries] to “yes,” if desired, and click the Save button.

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