Requesting an Hourly Timesheet Edit

You may be able to request edits to existing time entries on your timesheet. If the feature is enabled in your account, you will see the edit and split icons to the right of each record. The Split feature is used when you need to insert an unpaid break into the middle of a record (e.g. for lunch), while the Edit feature is used for any other type of edit.

To use the Edit feature:

  1. Click the edit icon to the right of the record you wish to edit.
  2. Make the necessary adjustments to the the record.
  3. Enter a reason for the edit in the Reason for Edit field.
  4. Click the Save Edit button.

To use the Split feature:

  1. Click the split icon to the right of the record to which you wish to add an unpaid break.
  2. There are four sections to the Split form:
    • Earlier Record Start (the earlier record’s start time)
    • Earlier Record End (the time at which the break started)
    • Later Record Start (the time at which the break ended)
    • Later Record End (the later record’s end time)
  3. If desired, change the ending record’s account code.
  4. Set the break start and end time and click the Save Edit button.

Note: This form does not allow you to edit the original start or end time of the record. You can only insert an unpaid break.

The requested changes will be submitted to your supervisor for approval.

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