QuickBooks Online: Troubleshooting Export Issues

These are the most common reasons an export to QuickBooks Online might fail and their solutions. Customer Service can help if your problem isn’t solved using one of the solutions below. Contact us at 800 770-4959.

QuickBooks Online Simple Start Version Not Supported

QuickBooks Online Simple Start is a version of QuickBooks Online for small businesses and single users. While it is a version of QuickBooks Online, because Simple Start does not have a weekly timesheet it is not able to accept imports from Timesheets. When attempting to export time to a QuickBooks Online Simple Start account, you will get an error message that states:

“ERROR: Feature Not Supported Error”

Unfortunately, this as it is a limitation with Simple Start, however it is still possible to run a report for your hourly totals in Timesheets.com and then manually put those totals into your QuickBooks Online Simple Start account. See our Reports section of the Help Pages for more information on running reports for Hourly Time, Project Time, or Expenses.

Resubmitting Failed Exports

When correcting issues with failed QuickBooks Online exports, it is important to know how to properly resubmit the export so that data is transferred accurately and without duplications.

There are two rules regarding resubmitting exports:

  • If you correct any mismatched information (e.g. items, labels) within QuickBooks Online, then you may simply hit the retry button on the failed export.
  • If you correct any mismatched information within Timesheets.com, then you CANNOT use the Retry function. In this case, you will need to delete the failed export completely and start the export process again. Please note that when deleting and re-exporting your data you will also need to be careful not to re-export records that were successful in the first attempt. This would create duplicated records in QuickBooks Online. If any records from the previous export were successfully imported to QuickBooks Online, you will need to do one of the following:
    • Exclude those records from the new export
    • Delete those records from QuickBooks Online so they may be re-imported with the new batch

Common Export Errors

Error Message ExplanationResolution
Error Code: 3003There is a list-item mismatch between QuickBooks Online and Timesheets.comCheck to verify that the Customer, Project, or Account Codes being used match the corresponding item in QuickBooks Online.
Error Code: 2010
Request has invalid or unsupported property
There are special characters (e.g. accent marks) in some or all of the records being exported that QuickBooks Online does not supportRemove any accent marks or other special characters from ANY of the records being exported. This includes list items (projects, account codes, etc) and work notes.

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