Creating and Copying Schedules

To create a schedule:

  1. Click Schedules in the left menu.
  2. Choose the users whose schedules you wish to view/edit using the blue Select Users or Select All Users links in the right-hand menu. (Calendar events can also be included in the schedule by checking their corresponding boxes under Company Calendars, Human Resources, and Company Calendars to the right.)
  3. To change the start date of the week, use the date selector above the table.
  4. Click on an empty cell to the right of a user’s name to create a new schedule entry. A window will open with a form:
    1. The Published checkbox publishes the entry as soon as it’s saved.
    2. The Unavailable checkbox indicates that the user is unavailable for the selected times (will be shown in red text).
    3. The All Day checkbox marks the schedule as an all-day event.
    4. Enter the start and end dates and times for the desired shift.
    5. Enter an optional Title and Description. The title will display on the schedule, while the description will not.
    6. Click the Save button to add the scheduled event.

To copy an individual schedule entry, selected days, or a full week:

  1. An individual shift can be copied by dragging and dropping the entry into another cell on the schedule.
  2. An entire day can be copied and pasted to another day by checking the box at the top of the column for that day, clicking the Copy button, and selecting the destination date.

    This process also works for any number of days in a row and maintains spaces between days not copied. For example, to copy the schedule for days Monday and Wednesday to Tuesday and Thursday, select Tuesday in the calendar of the copy feature. The paste will start on Tuesday, skip a day, and paste the second day of the schedule on Thursday.
  3. An entire week can be copied and pasted by checking the box next to Select Full Week in the upper-left corner of the schedule table, clicking the Copy button, and choosing the destination date. The destination date should be the first date of the pasted period.

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