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Assign Account Codes and their Cost Rates to Any User

Supervisors can decide which account codes a user may use when they enter and edit time. Supervisors can also assign override cost rates and a default account for every user for all three main features: hourly time tracking, project time tracking, and expense tracking.

Default cost rates for each account code are shown in the Default Cost Rate column for each account code in the list. If the user’s hours are costed out at a rate that differs from the default rate, an override rate can be set for the user. Users with a checkmark in the box under the Allow Access column will be able to allocate time and expenses to that account code. To adjust account code list settings for a specific user:

  1. From the dashboard, click the gear wheel gear icon to the left of a user’s name.
  2. Navigate to the Lists tab, then Account Codes page.
  3. If the user has a different cost rate from the default, enter the user’s personal cost rate for each account code in the Cost Rate Override column.
  4. Use the check box list to assign access to each account code by checking the boxes for appropriate account codes.
  5. If you wish the user to have a default account code for any of the main features, select that default in the appropriate Default column.
  6. Click save to complete the assignments.

Note: Changes to cost rates will only affect records entered on the project timesheet from that point forward. Existing records on the project timesheet will need to be manually edited to include the updated cost rate. However, if you are adjusting the rate for an account code that the user has referenced on their hourly timesheet, and that record is still open (i.e., it hasn’t been closed or archived), then any changes to the override rate for that account code will affect the rate for that open record. (Archived records for both hourly and project time are not affected by changes to account code override rates.)

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