The Mobile Site

Mobile access to is available via the Mobile Site. The address for the mobile site is

Employees can punch the hourly time clock, and project time can be tracked using project timers as well as the time entry form. Expenses can also be entered from the mobile site, and their associated receipts can be photographed using the phone’s camera for upload.

Instructions are provided in this section of the Help Pages, including instructions for privacy settings and adding an icon to a phone’s home screen to access the login page.

Why We Have a Mobile Site Instead of an App

The mobile site has some clear advantages over an app.

For Employees

  • There’s no software to download or update.
  • Phone data usage is negligible and will not impact an employee’s data plan.
  • The mobile site does not drain a user’s battery by remaining open at all times as a background process.

For Employers and Managers

  • There are no compatibility issues with any device. works on any platform with a browser.
  • There is no installation required on user devices.
  • Icons can be added to user home screens for easy access to the mobile site.
  • Data input is saved online in real time—including expense receipts.

Note: The mobile site is designed to fit on any device and includes basic functionality for recording time and expenses. For access to the desktop features on a mobile device, you may switch to the desktop site by clicking the Switch to Desktop Site button in the bottom-right.

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