Help Page Documentation with AI Support (beta)

The AI assistant gives pretty good answers – most of the time. If it seems like the AI’s answer isn’t correct or complete, try asking a more precise question or contact us directly for assistance. You can also check the documentation along the right.

Quick Start

Guided Tours for Managers

Walk through some of’s most commonly used features in these guided tours.

Guided Tours for Employees

These tours are offered to employees in their accounts but can be viewed here any time.

Desktop and Mobile Setup

Setup instructions for phones, computers, and other devices.

Main Categories

Account Setup

These articles refer to pages accessible in Company Settings and My Account. To access these sections, log in and click the gear wheel icon in the top right.

Account Management

These articles describe the main features and tools within your account, including where to find them and how to use them.

Employee Training

These articles contain instructions for tracking time and expenses, submitting time off requests and timesheet edits, as well as setup instructions for our mobile solution.

Intregrations and Exports

These articles contain instructions for exporting data for use with payroll and accounting software, as well as setup instructions for QuickBooks and Sage integrations.

ProPartner Administration

These articles describe the setup and management functions of ProPartner accounts for Bookkeepers, CPAs, and other referring agents.


These articles correspond to the reporting features accessed by clicking Reports in the left menu in your account.