Assigned Users Page

Assign Users to Any Supervisor

The Assigned Users page is accessed in user settings under the Management Tab for supervisors and administrators. Use this feature to assign your workers to specific managers.

To use this feature:

  1. From the Dashboard click the gear wheel icon to the left of your selected manager’s name and then click to the Management Tab, Assigned Users page.
  2. Select the user(s) you wish you assign to your selected manager and click the Save button.

Note: When viewing this page, all users are displayed in groups under their current manager. Users already assigned to your selected manager will be grayed out (because they are already assigned).

To remove a user from your selected manager, you’ll need to reassign them to another manager within the account. You can do this by editing the user’s settings directly, or by visiting the Assigned Users page for the manager receiving the user.

For instructions on assigning supervisors to another supervisor, see our article on Editing Users.

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